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Mauritz Frederik Hendrik De Haas
American (1832-1895)

Morning, Long Island, circa 1880
Oil on canvas, 14 1/4 x 24 1/4 inches
Signed M. F. H. de Haas lower right
Inscribed Morning, Long Island, de Haas on reverse
19th-Century American Frame


Private Collection, Santa Barbara, California


When Mauritz F. H. de Haas settled in America at the age of 27, he was already an accomplished marine painter who had been appointed official artist of the Dutch Navy. Upon arrival in New York, he quickly expanded his reputation with his remarkable atmospheric coastal scenes of Long Island.

Painted on site, Morning, Long Island is a freshly observed response to the topography and weather of the artist’s newly adopted homeland that transcends the conventions and formulas that marked much of European marine painting at the time. With the radiance of dawn mirrored on the advancing waves, the artist engages our imagination with his unmatched ability to express the authentic effects of water, wind and sunlight beneath the clearing sky.

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