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George L.K. Morris
American (1905-1975)

Indian Composition, 1935
Oil on Board, 13 x 15 1/2 inches
Signed Morris lower right
Contemporary Frame


Dr. Herbert Kayden and Dr. Gabrielle Reem


George L.K. Morris played an important role in the development of abstract painting in America. After study with Fernand Leger, he became acquainted with the major figures of the Cubist movement and returned to New York to develop his own style of Cubism inspired by Native American motifs. In 1937, Morris not only helped found The American Abstract Artists Group, but became the art editor of The Partisan Review, and the European art magazine, Plastique.

In this typical square, collage-like arrangement of flat shapes Morris employs cubist transparency and directional energy lines to evoke his personal vocabulary of Native American tepee and beadwork motifs, arrayed in a textural neutral space.

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